How to Make Your Superhero Themed Birthday Party Awesome

We know all of our little ones love their superheroes. But when you are putting that perfect superhero birthday party together, what can make it extra special?

Of course here at we offer custom printed shirts, totes and other party favorites. A great idea is to coordinate all the decorations, invitations and food to match the superhero theme. There are lots of great DIY decoration and even DIY invitation ideas. We have on the past provided some of our art for customers that plan on printing their own invitations. You can usually print those right at home in your printer.

Capes and masks are also a great way to have everyone get involved. We have custom printed totes for party favors, with the superhero theme, the birthday number and the birthday boy or girl name on them.

And don't forget to take lots of photos. And if you have some items in your party we would love if you shared them with us. We love to see how much fun the party was.

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