Custom Printing Service

Custom Order Requests

We welcome and encourage custom or customized order requests. In fact we custom print shirts every day!

 Whether you would like to modify an existing design or you would like to have something else that we do not offer custom printed we are happy to take a gander. The simplest customization that we offer is modification of the wording on a shirt. Typically changing a “Big Brother” shirt to “Little Brother” or “Middle Brother” or “Big Cousin” or whatever you want we can do without extra charge. Sometimes the modification may require us to do more  involved work and we will have a marginal fee for that. We will quote those on a case by case basis. We also offer an upgrade to add a name and a number on the back of the shirt, like a sports jersey.

 If  you’re request is to significantly change an existing design or a new one altogether, then we will have to really take a look at that and determine if there would be a minimum quantity and or a design fee. We do have art that we posted before, never posted or are about to post so sometimes there is a happy accident that we already have what you want or similar enough and then we may be able to just do it as a regular shirt order. Again this would be determined on a case by case basis.